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Musselman Hotels + The Louisville Rose Awards!

We had so much fun celebrating our finalists, Elba, Patrick, and Heather at the Louisville Rose Awards. Way to go Patrick for taking home the award in the Behind the Scenes Category! We couldn’t be more proud of all of our finalists, terrific job, Team Musselman!


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Behind the Scenes – Accommodations, Attractions & Venues:

Patrick Rhodes // Seelbach Hilton

As a security guard, Patrick is responsible for making rounds at the hotel and checking on all aspects of the operation. Being a security guard, Patrick encounters challenging circumstances daily. He handles these circumstances professionally and hospitably. Patrick always keeps a cool head. Patrick does an excellent job and he goes above and beyond every shift. Patrick makes an impression on most every guest he encounters. He gives ghost tours on the midnight shift and hotel history tours other times. We receive comments from guests (and non-guests) weekly telling us how Patrick has positively impacted their stay. Patrick consistently leads by example which is an awesome trait. He is not only an ambassador for the Seelbach Hilton but also the city of Louisville.

Elba Santiago // HGI Louisville Airport

Elba manages a very diverse team of individuals. Our hotel’s ratings are always above the normal averages set by Hilton, which can be attributed to Elba. She leads by example by filling in wherever needed and always stays until tasks are completed for the entire hotel. Elba knows no boundaries, she trains and leads by example, she is the most energetic, driven, and passionate individual we have.

She is always giving of herself to those less fortunate. Elba’s job is not easy, but you would never know it. She demands performance and understands what it takes to get the job done. She goes above and beyond to see to it that all is taken care of. If there was a shining star among us, it is Elba.


Event Services

Heather Roney // Seelbach Hilton

Heather’s schedule is not the same as a typical sales manager. She works within the schedule of her clients which means working almost every Saturday and late at night. On a typical Saturday, it would not be unlikely seeing Heather helping guests with their luggage, seating guests in our outlets, delivering room amenities, giving directions and helping a bride or groom with last-minute needs. It is hard to put all the times Heather has reacted to an urgent situation when dealing with a wedding or reception. There always seems to be urgent situations or out of the ordinary requests when you are handling such a special event for a bride and groom.

Heather leads by example on a daily basis. She always greets her fellow employees by calling them by name and with a BIG SMILE. She treats all of her clients in a professional manner. Hilton has a “Catch Me at My Best” program and Heather is the most engaged sales manager in the program. Fellow employees and guests nominate and recognize team members for the act of hospitality, big and small. Employees that made their day special. Heather is always recognized several times and she recognizes the most fellow team members.