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Musselman Hotels has once again been named one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky for 2019!
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The Seelbach Hilton

A luxury hotel. In every way. Enjoy the quintessential grand hotel experience. A luxury hotel. Modern amenities. Wrapped in a storied past that delivers a distinct character.

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Meet Our People

The Seelbach is a gem. When we arrived we were met with the most lovely front desk staff. Very knowledgeable about the area and the history of the hotel. The hotel sits in a lively downtown district with lots to do. The people are friendly and personable. If you stay here take the tour of the property. It’s worth it. Also, the Concierge is a hoot. He wrote a book on the property and has been there for 40 years. He has many great stories. We will return again and again.
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Recognizing Excellence

Associate of the Year
Larry Johnson
Associate of the Year
Desire Garretson
Associate of the Quarter
1st Quarter 2018
Darryl Anderson & Haris Derlic
2nd Quarter 2018
Jackie Shepard & Desire Garretson
3rd Quarter 2018
Lee Wallace & William Matthews
4th Quarter 2018
Ramon Hector & Bruns Warner
Associate of the Quarter
1st Quarter 2019
Lyndsie Murphy & Natia Harris
2nd Quarter 2019
Desire Garretson & Zahra Hassanzadeh
3rd Quarter 2019
Frank Lardner & Yolanda Sanchez
4th Quarter 2019
Ramon Hector & Harold Warren
Associates of the Quarter
2nd Quarter 2020
Alina Roasa & Richard Robinson
3rd Quarter 2020
Desire Garretson & Haris Derlic
Hotel Awards
Best Places to Work in Kentucky 2019
Best Places to Work in Kentucky 2018
#1 Top Rated Hotel in Louisville 2016