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Louisville, KY
Food & Beverage

BASIC PURPOSE: Clean and sanitize all areas of the kitchen and operate the dish washing machine in a safe, accident-free manner.



  1. Operate dish washing machine; Maintain organization – proper rack stacking, silver presoaking. (80%)
  1. Sweep and mop floors. Keep floors clean and dry, pick up wet spills immediately. (5%)
  1. Clean walls, tables, racks sinks, floor mats and disposal area. Polish stainless steel. (5%)
  1. Clean ovens, hoods, filters, drains, hot boxes, steam tables, flat boxes and ceiling vents, according to schedule or as specified by lead steward. (2.5%)
  1. Empty all trash cans over 3/4 full at end of shift, wash out and return to kitchen. (5%)
  1. Perform special cleaning projects as assigned. (2.5%)



  1. Maintain mop station with 2 mops/buckets, 2 brooms, and proper cleaning solutions.
  1. Cooperate with restaurant personnel and their needs in order to ensure that guests are taken care of.

Knowledge and Skills:


Education:No formal education required; High School diploma or equivalent desired.

Experience:Previous experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities:Operate dish washing machine, Dishware handling, Floor maintenance.

No. of employees supervised:None.

Travel required:None.

Hours Required:Scheduled days and times may vary based on need.


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About The Seelbach Hilton

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500 S. 4th St.
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General Manager: Verl Wilder
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