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PBX Operator

Louisville, KY

The beautiful historic Seelbach Hilton is seeking a leader to join our front office team in the PBX area. The PBX Operator duties are to answer internal and external telephone calls in a friendly and courteous manner using proper script and direct calls through the hotel switchboard.
Essential Functions

Promptly answer telephone calls within three rings speaking English. Greet caller with a positive and clear voice. Listen and ask probing questions to ascertain the correct extension. Answer the emergency line immediately, listen to details to identify nature of problem and respond appropriately in accordance with established procedures.

Initiate emergency response as necessary and legibly document pertinent details. Reading and using a moderately complex computer console, direct calls to continuously perform essential functions.

Transcribe complete messages and repeat information to verify accuracy. Input and retrieve messages from the computer as requested. Read and verbally recite exact messages for guests.

Receive wakeup call information, input cautiously into the automated wake up system, and verbally confirm time with guest and log time with room number on the wake up log.

Act as liaison between guest and security, guest services or engineering. Provide timely information via two way radios, beepers, cellular phones and/or Nextel pagers to employees in response to emergencies and guest requests such as plumbing problems, needing towels, etc.

Briefly answer basic inquiries for example, time, extension numbers, outlets hours, etc.

Confirm incoming packages have been logged. Locate the employee or guest who is to receive the package and distribute accordingly. All packages for incoming guests are to have their messages inserted in their reservation stating that a package is waiting for them and where it is being kept.

Perform some security functions such as distributing keys to employees of other departments. Retrieving their ID and having them log which key they have taken out in the appropriate logbook.

Remain calm and polite especially during emergency situations and/or heavy hotel activity. Listen to details to identify nature of problem and respond appropriately in accordance with established procedures. Initiate emergency response as necessary.


Supportive Functions

In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of the hotel.

Performing task in the other two sections of the Guest Services Department.


Guest Service Representative Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions and practice the hospitality functions, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities.

Ability to effectively deal with employees and customers, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy to defuse anger and collect accurate information.

Considerable ability to listen effectively and speak English clearly on the telephone in a polite and understandable manner.

Ability to access and accurately input information using a moderately complex computer system.

Ability to read the English language to fully comprehend and communicate clearly all guests messages.

Ability to sit and continuously perform essential job functions in confined spaces in close proximity to other employees. Qualification StandardsExperience:

No prior experience required. Prior hospitality and/or communications experience preferred.

Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school or any other combination of education, training or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. High school diploma preferred.

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About The Seelbach Hilton

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500 S. 4th St.
Louisville, Kentucky

General Manager: Verl Wilder
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