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Ghosts at the Seelbach?!

Does The Seelbach Hilton Louisville have 👻? Some certainly think so. Learn about the famed “Lady in Blue” and other supernatural spirits from their Hotel Historian, Larry Johnson.

Arguably the most famous resident of the hotel, the Lady in Blue is one of the reasons why a lot of people flock to the hotel. There are various stories attached to the ghost but almost all of them agree that she is the ghost of one of the hotel’s guests, Patricia Wilson. It was in 1936 when Ms. Wilson moved to Louisville from Oklahoma. She had recently separated from her husband of four years. In an effort to work things out with her husband, they both agreed to meet in Seelbach.

However, her husband never showed up. He was killed in a tragic car accident on his way to meet his wife. She was devastated by the loss and after a short time, she was found at the bottom of the service elevator shaft. People cannot agree if she jumped to her death or if she died by accident. In 1987, several people have reported seeing Miss Patricia Wilson in the hotel. Some claimed to see her on the 8th floor of the hotel while others claimed to see her on the hotel’s mezzanine. However, all the guests agree than the woman they saw wore a blue dress and had long black hair.

Aside from the Lady in Blue, the hotel is also the home of various other ghosts. A staff of the Otto Café reported seeing an old woman in ragged clothes standing behind the mirror. The employee turned to talk to the woman but she has already disappeared. In 2004, a couple who was on their honeymoon booked a room on the 8th floor of the hotel. They awoke to find a man standing by the window and looking out. The room was also strangely cold. Immediately after they turned on the light, the man disappeared. Other guests have reported smelling a faint scent of perfume and hearing disembodied footsteps.